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About ProTracker

ProTracker’s mission is to make keeping a food diary as simple and efficient as possible.


Originally founded in 2013 for users following Weight Watchers Points programs, our app has expanded its reach by adding tools for users to track their foods and activities no matter which type of weight management program they’re on.


Our application is designed to help users track their calories or food scores by providing a comprehensive online food database, barcode scanner, as well as the ability to build and curate your own library of foods, meals, or recipes. It also offers several integrations via the Apple Health app which supports many smart devices (i.e. Apple Watch, Withings Scale, Garmin, etc.), as well as integration with Fitbit.


ProTracker is used by over 1 million health enthusiasts worldwide. Founded by Christian Gossain in 2013 and proudly headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, our team is comprised of people who are passionate about empowering people with tools to take control of their eating habits.

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